Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Aromaleigh LOTDs

Sunday 10/3 - I stepped outside to take these while I was working, I knew I was about to lose the sun. So, yeah, pictures taken in setting-sun light. Well, better than nothing. Unfortunately Darcelle's awesomeness isn't quite captured here, it's absolutely stunning, I'm so glad I got a full-size!
Imperial - inner V
Ephemeral Violet - all over lid
Darcelle - crease
Flirt! Big flirt mascara in Blue Hawaii on lashes

Sunday 10/10 - I wised-up and took these before going to work. I again wanted to play with some new(ish) colors. I'm not sure if it really worked out, but hey, I'm still learning the ropes on eyeshadow application.
Lisette - lid
Astonish - inner V
Morphing moon - crease/outer V/lower lashline
Flirt! Big flirt mascara in blue hawaii
I can't remember what I used to highlight on my browbone, but it was probably May Lily.

 Ooh and there's more ...
 Yes, I'm wearing overalls.
Twinkle Perle powder on cheeks
unknown strawberry flavored lip balm on lips (has no label, I picked it up at some fair or something)

Hopefully later this week I can post a review of Silk Naturals, as I placed  my first order with them on Friday. Yay, I can't wait! I love packages!

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